Self-Motivation and How To Stay Motivated

self motivation

Self-motivation is a big part in anyone’s life nowadays, especially when technology offers us so much convenience as well as distractions. Being self-motivated not only enables us to stay focused on our goal but also serves us as a guiding force in accepting new opportunities and trying new things to improve the quality of our life.

As the saying goes, life is a journey. O n the journey to achieving our goals, we may experience hard-work, tiredness, boredom, frustration and disappointments. Motivation is like the fuel to keep us going. Stating motivated is the key for having an extraordinary life and becoming more inspired, productive, and committed to feel in charge of your life.

Here are some tips to stay motivated

You success or failure partly depends on your drive and motivation. So how do you maintain the level of “hunger”?

1. Eliminate Any Negative Thoughts

Think positively about the outcome and stop yourself from thinking negative and destructive thoughts.

2. Be Happy and Efficient

self motivation

Nothing is as great as being able to do what you love because it inspires you  and keeps you motivated even when the journey gets tough. Being open to discovering and developing new skills helps you become more proactive and efficient to tackle the challenges ahead.

3. Use Visualization

Besides thinking positively, visualization is a powerful tool for staying motivated. We can choose what we want to see in our mind, so why not choose to see the best life is waiting ahead for us?

Successful people visualize themselves as being successful. These actions can only be done properly if you stay motivated. So stay motivated!

Want to learn more about the psychology of self motivation? Watch this Ted video below. I am a big fan of these Ted videos.