How Will A Life Coach Help Me and Is It Worth It?


Before you think that having a life coach is a ridiculous idea, let me tell you something: according to Harvard Business Review, the coaching industry is a $1 billion a year industry. Yes! You heard me right, it’s a B. Have I got your attention? Depending on how good you are, some life coaches can be very wealthy and successful.

Why Do People Need Coaching?

Every guru will tell you this: the fastest way to achieve success is to find someone who already achieved what you want to achieve and model them. As you can see from the big number I mentioned above, people actually do hire coaches to help them get to the next level that might take them way too long to do it by themselves. There is a variety of situations where you need a life coach such as when you feel like you are being “stuck” or are procrastinating in taking actions when you know you should do it. Or sometimes when you feel lost and life seems to be purposeless. Or sometimes you’re just not sure what to do and catch yourself being in a negative downward spiral situation. There are no limits to what life coaching can help you, as long as you know what you need from it.

“Everyone needs a coach” Bill Gates

Decide What You Need From Your Coach

Before finding a life coach, you need to know what you really want to get out of it. I mean what specific outcomes do you want to get from their coaching. Which area of your life do you need some guidance the most? Do you need a one on one coaching or can you also work with other people? Each life coach has their own strength. Therefore it is wise to know what you want to find the right coaches. Some coaches are specifically trained to help find your life purpose and values, others might help you get rid of your bad habits. Some coaches only offer one on one service, either face to face or on Skype. Others can be good at many areas, and offer their service in the form of seminars, such as life and business coach Anthony Robbins, who can teach people both life and business strategies and extremely good at helping others achieve breakthroughs. He is a celebrity and almost everyone who studies self-improvement knows his name.

How To Tell If Someone Is Good

How do you know if the coach you are about to hire is good? Short and simple answer: Ask For Their Results! Results don’t lie! It doesn’t matter what they say they can do or how well they convince you, ask them for the results they have been able to get for their clients. If you can, ask for the clients’ testimonials. Go to their website and look at the testimonials and see who their clients were and what they said. Research your coach online to see what others say about them and their service.

How Will Your Life Coach Help You

#1 – They will help you set proper goals

Since they know what it takes to achieve success because they did it before or achieved similar goals, they are more likely to know what kind of goals are achievable and realistic.

coaching#2 – They will help you become accountable

Let’s be honest, a lot of times you know what to do but you just don’t do it. Having a coach will keep you accountable because they will ask for your regular updates and results. They will give you “tough love” and won’t let you get away with excuses.

#3 – They will save you time and money

How? Because they have more likely helped others who are in similar situation as yours. Since they have the experience, they will know what works and what doesn’t and they can show you the efficient and effective way to do things.

#4 – They will give you a mental strength and clarity

A good life coach will help you find your strength and weakness and how to double down on your strength. They will also help you find the strength in you that you might not have realized until that point. They can see the patterns that are running your life and how to break that pattern to create change and succeed.

Remember successful people have coaches, look at the top athletes, business people, even Warren Buffett, they all have coaches and mentors. So what is your excuse of not finding one right now?