How Will A Life Coach Help Me and Is It Worth It?


Before you think that having a life coach is a ridiculous idea, let me tell you something: according to Harvard Business Review, the coaching industry is a $1 billion a year industry. Yes! You heard me right, it’s a B. Have I got your attention? Depending on how good you are, some life coaches can be very wealthy and successful. Why Do People Need Coaching? Every guru will tell you this: the fastest way to achieve success is to find someone who already achieved what…

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Self-Motivation and How To Stay Motivated

self motivation

Self-motivation is a big part in anyone’s life nowadays, especially when technology offers us so much convenience as well as distractions. Being self-motivated not only enables us to stay focused on our goal but also serves us as a guiding force in accepting new opportunities and trying new things to improve the quality of our life. As the saying goes, life is a journey. O n the journey to achieving our goals, we may experience hard-work, tiredness, boredom, frustration and disappointments. Motivation is like the…

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